Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, as I turn a yr older (26 now), I usually like to recap the last year and remember what all I'm thankful for. (I was born on Thanksgiving afterall). Of course, this year has made it a little harder to count my blessings.

Nevertheless, I know it's important to remember that I am still blessed in many ways.

Over the last year as a 25 yr old, I got to know what it's like to be a mother. I was blessed to get to share last Thanksgiving and Christmas with the ones I love, including my daughter. I was blessed to have taken so many pictures to remember her as well.

After losing Sophi, I was blessed with an overflowing of love from family, friends, and neighbors. I learned how devoted and patient my family and friends truly are. I have been blessed by growing even closer to my wonderful husband despite of and through our grief.

I'm thankful to be blessed with another year on this Earth, and I can only hope that I can somehow make life a little better for someone while I'm here. That is, in fact, what living is all about.


  1. You have Natalie. You are so inspiring and encouraging to me. I'm glad you got some pampering in at the salon yesterday. <3

  2. Happy birthday hon! I hope 26 is the best year yet!