Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting nervous about surgery

My surgery (hysteroscopy/polypectomy) is coming up this Friday. Since I've been through back surgery (breaking my back, screwing in 2 rods and taking out a rib), the actual surgery part doesn't really scare me that much. What I'm mostly scared of is being in a hospital. Ever since I watched my sweet Sophi pass away in the ER, I get panic attacks just thinking about hospitals.

Hopefully this will be what I need to help me get pregnant again, so it should be very worth it in the end. I am a little sad about having surgery on the day before Halloween as well. Our office always dresses up for a theme... which this year is Superheroes/Batman. At least being out of it should help to keep me from thinking about what I was doing last yr... trick or treating with Sophia in her adorable costume.

I'll update everyone on how the surgery goes Friday night. Blake's mom is coming up to help "take care" of me, so I should be nice and spoiled lol.

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  1. I hope your surgery goes well and it's what you need to get pregnant! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts!